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Печать чека НПД

Privacy Policy

I, Oleg Muraveiko (402d), do not collect personal information in my application(Печать чека НПД) or on the this website .

• In the programs and on the sites there is no advertising.

• I do not use cookies.

Non personal information:

- About errors in the application provided to me in the GooglePlay developer console.

- Standard security logs unix server, controls by the hosting provider.

External links are given to the sites of my programs or to sources of useful information on the subject of the application, as well as in cases where this is required by copyright law.

The sites can use third-party resources such as cloud hosting for fonts, css and / or js frameworks / libraries, video hosting (for example YouTube) and so on.

The question posted to me by e-mail is treated as an explicit consent that I can store your letter in the mailbox for 10 years. I can use you email address, name and other to answer your question. You also agree to receive other letters from me if I have a desire to write to you. You also consent to the public use of your question and submitted materials in the FAQ section of the site.

Answering the questions received in my mailbox, I do not ask the age of the questioner, if you are the parent or guardian of the child and you see in this correspondence some personal information, then write me. I will verify that these emails are deleted in my mailbox.

I spent a week to understand what I should write in case I don't need your data. But I am sure that I still did something wrong.

If you have any questions, write to oleg@muraveyko.ru

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